About Us

Proteas Andinas de Colombia.

Our Future

We are sure that with the values we have, the team we conformed and the aims we establish we will achieve a high recognition in market, with a privilege position in our clients.

Our Values

We are a values-driven company who believes in generate work & growth opportunities to the people around the farm-zone we are based, who promotes the most demanding Ecofriendly practices in order to look after the environment and who wants to achieve the best quality and most beautiful flowers to the market we serve.

Our Team

We are a young multitask team who are focus on deliver excellent products to our customers. We think that investing in agricultural field has an immediate repercussion on generating a positive outcome to all of our stakeholders.

Our Aim

We are a young entrepreneur team that enjoys the challenges, we aim high, our motivation is the fair competition as well as the leaders in market recognition by our clients. Eco friendly practices are our foundation for business continuity, given back to mother earth what we receive is the key for our sustainability.