Nos protées

Proteas Andinas de Colombia.

Safari Sunset


  • Color: Red
  • Lengths available: 40 to 1m
  • Vase Life: Long
  • Medium to large single head. Medium to dark red petals.
  • Combining availability from many countries this variety is available March to December.
  • Single stemmed flower wiht a long, strong stem.
    The flowers are actually a cone surrounded by large
    colourful bracts that are frequently mistaken for the flower itself. Safari sunset is well known for its leaves rather
    than its blooms.

Gold Strike


  • Color: Yellow
  • Long, oblong yellow petals.
  • Lengths available: 50 to 80cm
  • Red on tips of petals becomes more pronounced late
    in the season
  • Good substitute for Laureolum.
  • Available January/March and August/September.